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 The Passionate Storyteller

Hello! I’m Jude, the heart and soul behind The Melbourne Portrait Studio. With a camera in hand and a world of stories to tell, my journey as a photographer has been as vibrant and diverse as the clients I photograph.

From the distinctive, historic architecture of the Netherlands, to the bustling, multi–cultural streets of Melbourne, my path has been one of discover, growth, and profound connections. My passion lies in capturing the essence of moments–the raw emotions that surface in unspoken connections, and the heartfelt bonds that are silently expressed, yet deeply felt.

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Jude Iceskating

From Dutch Roots to Australian Dreams

A decade ago, we swapped the cosy but cold of the Netherlands for the sun–drenched excitement of Australia. Leaving behind my most wonderful mum, lifelong besties, and years of cherished memories was incredibly tough, the hardest part of our adventure into the unknown.

I remember wondering if I’d ever find such incredible friends again, missing my mum deeply. Selling our house back in the Netherlands was a purposely made decision to break ties, because I was determined to fully embrace life in Australia, avoiding the pull of living with my heart split between two countries.

From my first journey through Australia, I felt an inexplicable connection, as if I was meant to be born here. Every day, I’m filled with gratitude for the life I’ve built in this beautiful country–it just feels right.


I’ve found my girl tribe, built a thriving photography studio, and we’re just a stone’s throw from the beach, making every day feel like a holiday.

My boys, now 16 and 14, are my world. Together, we’re an inseparable trio, the three musketeers, sharing a bond that’s woven through every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s traveling, day trips, beach hangs after school, or just chilling at home, our shared experiences deepen the connection we have with each other.

Our family is completed by our two adorable rescue cats, who are an integral part of our close–knit unit.

Sure, I miss my mum and my Dutch friends, but living in the Netherlands again? That’s not in the cards for me. I don’t even feel the pull to visit. Australia is where I belong, and I can’t wait for many more decades of adventures in this stunning country we call home.

Jude Iceskating

The Adventures of The Three Musketeers

Adventure runs deep in my veins, a passion I joyfully share with my two boys. Our travels often find us backpacking, embracing the thrill of the unknown, with no set plan or destination, just an open road and endless possibilities. Our ideal days are spent together and nature is our playground, whether we’re carving down snow–covered slopes, diving into the depths of the ocean, or simply basking in the tranquillity of a beach.

Our days kick off with the energy and vigour of a 6am CrossFit session, setting the tone for the adventures that await. In the quieter moments, you’ll find us immersed in the world of board games, strategising and laughing, creating memories around the table. And as for me, there’s nothing quite like the joy of dancing the night away, losing myself in the rhythm and celebration of life’s every beat.

Each of these activities is not just a hobby; they are chapters in our story, moments of bonding, learning, and experiencing life in its most vibrant form. This love for adventure and the great outdoors is not just a part of my personal life; it deeply influences my approach tophotography, where I seek to capture the essence of every moment, every journey, with authenticity and a spirit of exploration.

Seeing Through Jude’s Lens

Photography for me is more than a profession; it’s a way of seeing the world, of preserving the intangible and making it eternal. This vision, this way of seeing and understanding the world, is much like navigating a vast and ever–changing landscape.

Jude’s Compass Rose

If I were a symbol, I would be the ‘Compass Rose’. Historically used on maps and nautical charts, this symbol represents direction. My roots in the Netherlands and my life in Australia show a journey, a change in direction. My innate love for travel and scuba diving ties in with the exploration and depth the compass represents. As a photographer, I capture momentsand guide narratives, much like how a compass guides travellers. My compassionate, empathic nature, combined with my role as a single mother, shows guidance, just as acompass does for those lost. My whole foods plant–based lifestyle and love for animals indicate a conscious choice of direction in life. My inspiring nature, extreme activities, and dedication to helping others resonate with the adventurous spirit of explorers who’ve historically depended on the compass. My life’s journey, my passions, and my guiding nature align with the essence of the Compass Rose–leading, inspiring, and navigating through life’s vast ocean.

As I continue to navigate through this beautiful, ever–changing journey of life, my camera is my compass, capturing the myriad stories that make up our world.

Join Jude’s Photographic Journey

Now, I invite you to join me in this journey of discovery and celebration. Whether it’s preserving your family’s precious moments or capturing your own unique story, let’s createsomething beautiful together. Reach out to me at The Melbourne Portrait Studio, and let’s begin crafting memories that will last a lifetime. Your story is waiting to be told, and I can’t wait to help you tell it.

XX Jude


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