Family Photography


♡ Dive into a stress-free photography session where we celebrate your family’s unique journey.

♡ Say goodbye to stiffness and unpredicability – embrace a session that understands and adapts to your family’s atmosphere.

♡ Treasure your memories with options ranging from digital keepsakes to gorgeous gallery-quality artwork.

Family Photos
Family Photos

Welcome to The Melbourne Portrait Studio, where love and connection are at the heart of every family portrait. We believe that every family has a unique story waiting to be told. Our family photography sessions are more than just capturing smiles; they’re about creating captivating, emotion-filled photographs that celebrate the unique bond of your family.

Located in the heart of Altona, Melbourne, we offer a personalised experience that turns your family moments into timeless pieces of art. Join us in creating memories that will not only decorate the walls of your home but also your hearts for generations to come.

We love our clients and they love us too!


Your Family’s Portrait Journey

At The Melbourne Portrait Studio, every session is a celebration of your family’s unique bond. We dive deep into your world, capturing the laughter, love, and individual quirks that make your family one-of-a-kind. Through our chats, we learn the stories closest to your heart , so Jude can capture portraits that are the real you.

We’re excited to start this adventure with you, turning those precious moments into memories you’ll keep forever.

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Personalised Experience: Cherish a unique, 3-hour photography journey, personally guided by Jude to perfectly capture your family’s essence.

♡ Style Consultation: Transform your photoshoot with our bespoke styling and wardrobe consultation, ensuring you look and feel your best.

♡ Expression Coaching: Receive expert guidance on facial expressions to naturally bring out your family’s spirit and personality in every shot.

Posing for Everyone: Embrace every member’s uniqueness with our full-body posing guidance, tailored for all body types, ensuring everyone shines.

♡ Dynamic Studio Setting: Explore creative possibilities in our Altona studio, equipped with a diverse range of props and backdrops for every family’s story.

♡ Custom Artwork Design: Let us craft personalised wall art and products that turn your cherished moments into timeless home decorations.

Family portrait photographer near me

Capture your family’s magic 


Family portrait photographer near me

Jude is a warm, skilful professional who understands how to relax her subjects, to understand what is needed in a session or assignment and how to best capture the essence of those she photographs.

She is able to work with small, large and complex groups (and even animals), and (importantly) understands that to capture the best images, her subjects require her rapport and empathy. When bringing our extended family for a session she was able to accommodate a range of diverse needs and help everyone be comfortable and have a positive experience. Not only that, but the photographs were perfect too.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Melbourne Portrait Studio and Jude’s services. Thanks for making our session a pleasure and a success.


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Welcome to my world of portrait photography at my cosy studio in Altona, in the heart of Melbourne’s west. With over 15 years of experience, I specialise in transforming life's stories into stunning gallery-style artwork. As the founder of Van Jude, my art brand, I blend my Dutch heritage and passion for photography into every piece I create. When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me enjoying precious moments with my two wonderful boys, close friends or snuggling with our adorable cats. The beach is my happy place, where the scent of the sea truly makes my heart sing.

My mission is to reveal the natural beauty in all my clients, capturing the essence of every individual's story. I can't wait to help you tell yours!


Family portrait photographer near me

Our Portrait Studio 

Discover our warm, welcoming portrait studio in Altona, Melbourne, designed for your comfort. Our unique home studio environment, celebrated for its intimate atmosphere, offers a relaxed setting perfect for capturing the essence and individuality of your family’s journey.

Renowned for our tailored approach, we capture each family’s unique story, resulting in stunning gallery-style artwork.

Easily accessible with free parking, families from across Australia choose us for choose us for a relaxed yet luxurious photography experience. Visit us and let’s create timeless art together.

I cannot recommend ‘The Melbourne Portrait Studio’ enough. Jude is so lovely and welcoming!

My mum and I felt comfortable and had so much fun getting our photos taken. A lovey food platter and a cinema viewing of all the images was so heart warming.

The hardest thing was chosing which photos we liked the best! Our portrait arrived today and I cannot hide my excitement that my mum and I now have a very special piece of artwork we can treasure forever!



We would love to discover your story, tell you all about a magical photoshoot at our studio and answer any questions you may have.



PHONE: 0457 043 007

STUDIO ADDRESS: 14A Kearney Av, Altona, VIC 3018

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In 3 Easy Steps

1. Phone Consultation

We start by getting to know you over the phone.

This will give us a chance to get to know you better, answer any questions you might have, and plan out your dream session.

2. Guided Photoshoot

Ready to unleash your inner goddess?

Get ready to be pampered and styled by our in-house makeup artist. When it’s time for your shoot, I’ll guide you through every posture and pose.

3. Reveal & Ordering

At your reveal session…

You’ll get to enjoy a fully guided cinematic presentation of your portraits, and order the ones you love! Together we’ll design artwork that brings life to your home.

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Jude is THE best photographer, hands down bar none!!
She is very professional, highly technically skilled and just really fantastic.

She knows her profession inside and out, she understands her clients and has super creative artist ideas. Her photos are exquisite and outstanding and she is a real entrepreneur.

I highly recommend her for any photos you want taken, don’t look further than Jude. She is the best!


FAQ Family Photoshoot

I want to book a shoot, but I am so nervous.

Everyone is nervous and that is totally fine. We are there for you and guiding you every step of the way. You will have a great time and when you see your gorgeous images, it will totally be worth it!

I have no idea how to pose. Will you tell me what to do?

We will absolutely guide you how to pose and where and how to look. All you have to do is show up and have fun!

What if I feel insecure about my body?

This is a very natural and normal feeling that most of us have. I’ve been there and completely understand how you feel.
We’ll have a chat about it and I promise you that it is my number one priority as a professional photographer to make you feel and look your best during our time together. I know many ways to hide unflattering things with the right posing and lighting. We will discuss everything beforehand and I can pose you in specific ways to hide these things in a flattering manner and always remember: we are masters in post-processing 🙂
This is also exactly the reason why having portraits of yourself looking amazing is so important. It really boosts your self-love. I know many ways to hide unflattering things with the right posing and lighting. So please trust me when I say you will look gorgeous in ALL your photographs!

Do your clients do their own hair and make-up?

For our family photoshoots a lot of clients do their own hair and makeup, however, hiring someone to do your hair and makeup for your shoot is a wonderful way to pamper yourself so that you don’t have to worry about it. We have a fabulous in-house hair and makeup artist so let us know on time if you would like to book her. 

What do I wear for my family photoshoot?

During our conversations, we will be planning the look and feel of your session and portraits. We invite you to bring different outfits that reflect your different personalities. We love to hear about any ideas that you may have too.

Can I suggest ideas and bring props?

Yes of course! This is your unique family photography session and you are more than welcome to send me anything that inspires you. Some clients like to create a Pinterest board with ideas which we can discuss beforehand. You can bring any items that are personal to your family and will help tell your story. For example, many families bring their favourite sports jerseys or an instrument.

Do you have any other tips to prepare for my photoshoot?
It is important to select a day for your photoshoot where you have nothing else planned. Having to rush between events causes stress which can show in the final images. Have lots of time to prepare and get plenty of rest. Stay hydrated and have a light snack before the session to keep your energy levels up. We will take care of the rest!
What happens after my session?

As soon as we’ve finished your family photoshoot, I’ll start preparing the reveal. In the meantime, you can go for a walk, lunch or rest in the studio. About 45 minutes later, you’ll experience a fully guided cinematic presentation of your best portraits and together we will design artwork that brings life to your home.