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The stories, memories and love each family member has for others is the glue that connects. Let’s create another moment your family can look back on when you all gather for a family photography session. The love, connection and warmth you all feel will be captured forever and become a treasured family heirloom for generations to come.

Your Family Has a Story to Tell

The essence of your compelling story is transformation and that’s exactly what your family members will do over time – they’ll transform. Your family today is not the same as five years ago and in another five years, well… who knows? A birth? A passing? A marriage? Each brings with it a new chapter in the narrative of your family and each is a reason to recommit to the bonds that strengthen the relationships.

The day of your family photography session is all about celebrating the people you love the most. Your family portraits will keep the story of your family alive. They’ll show the evolution and progress of each member and serve as an emotive reminder of how the past leads to now… and beyond.


Family Photo Session
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Hi, I am Jude, Studio Owner & Portrait Artist


 Not many people in life get to love what they do, aspire to be better, and do better, and to be constantly inspired by those that enter their lives – but I do. Throughout my 12-year career, I have pursued my passion to create artistic, meaningful images. I pride myself in being a storyteller; I love to learn about people, and then capture the special connections and unique stories I hear in beautiful portraits. 

Like most of us, life has thrown many curveballs my way. I have learnt resilience, and that by thinking positively, I can turn just about any challenges into an opportunity. The drive to not only survive, but thrive, comes from my deep love of life and all its beauty. I believe in living in the moment, enjoying the simple things, and the unlimited possibilities in this journey called life. 

I am a multifaceted photographer who specialises in photographing families, pets, motherhood, branding portraits and women’s empowering portraits. Capturing life and emotions through portraits feels important to me. Children deserve to have the love that created them captured in a portrait, women deserve to feel strong, beautiful and powerful, and our fur babies can’t be with us forever, but their portraits should be. I want to make a difference, and capture history.

And most of all: I  can’t wait to capture your unique story! 

I would love to show YOU  how amazing  YOU  are through my camera. I know how to see and show you your true  essence, that you perhaps forgot, or maybe have never seen in yourself.  Everyone is photogenic; you just need the right photographer who knows how to light, pose and coach you to show your inner light and make you shine. 

Family Photography Couple Photos

Trying to get a four-year-old girl and a six-month-old puppy to sit still is near impossible. Yet Jude retained her sense of humour, stayed nimble on her feet, and gave as much time needed to capture the bond between my mischievous daughter and her equally naughty Samoyed.

You can never repeat the past, and kids and dogs grow so quickly, so I am grateful when I look at Jude’s portraits of Yasmine and Pasha that we’ve preserved this time in their lives.  


The Melbourne Portrait Studio

The Photo Studio 

Our portrait studio is light, inviting, and will make you feel at ease. We have many beautiful collections of artwork on display, to help you imagine how your own collection will come to life in your home.

 Recently we moved from a large commercial studio into our current luxurious and cosy home studio in Altona, Melbourne. The move was made for our clients and their fur babies; to capture portraits in a more welcoming and relaxed environment.

Our clients travel to us from all over Australia because of our personalised approach to understanding the unique story and personalities behind the portraits, which leads to stunning gallery style artwork.

There is ample free parking.


Join Our VIPS

Glow-Getters by The Melbourne Portrait Studio is our VIP group for all our favourite clients to keep you up to date with our latest projects, model calls, behind-the-scenes news and giveaways!

It’s a beautiful place where we focus on positivity and empowerment and to meet like minded people.

I would love you to join in on all the fun!

Together Apart: Life in Self-Isolation

Together Apart, 
Life in Lockdown


When COVID-19 hit Melbourne harder than a runaway tram, our lives changed – literally overnight. Together Apart gives a rare glimpse into life in lockdown, beautifully capturing the isolation, frustration, hope, humour and human need for togetherness that quickly became part of our daily lives.

What started as a conversation over the back fence to break the solitude of lockdown has grown into a friendship and a partnership between me and my next-door neighbour, travel writer and journalist Belinda Jackson.

Photographed, written and printed in Melbourne, Together Apart is our black-and-white coffee table book featuring 60 portraits of people in our neighbourhood.

To get a hold of your copy, visit our book’s website.

If you’re from the media, please get in touch for extracts, press releases or images. Jude and I are also available for interview.

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