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Top tips for your boudoir photoshoot

There is a lot that goes into planning a boudoir photoshoot. There seems to be endless ideas, outfits, and looks you can try. Everything from hair, nails, makeup and outfits… it can be overwhelming! So I decided to put together my top tips for your boudoir photo shoot so I can help you plan!


Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #1: Trust

Choose a boudoir photographer that you trust! I know this may seem pretty basic, but sometimes people get all excited to do a shoot and don’t actually think about WHO will be behind the camera cheering them on. I highly suggest you look around and find someone who you click with, TRUST and want to spend a fun day with. Someone who understands your insecurities and can make you feel at ease.  Someone who lifts you up so when you leave the studio you’ve grown on so many levels. And of course someone you KNOW will produce an awesome end product and experience for you!

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #2: Spray Tans

To tan or not to tan? That is the question. Everyone loves a tan! Everyone except the camera. That being said, the camera will often see tans as orange. Please don’t spray tan before your shoot. If you feel your winter skin is too pale for your liking, we can easily add a warm glow to your skin tone in your images. I promise you, your natural skin is going to photograph beautifully.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #3: Tan Lines

Tan lines. We do what we can to smooth out tan lines, but some can be impossible to fully remove. If you don’t want tan lines in your pictures, stay out of the sun for a week or two before your shoot or schedule your session during the off season. If you are going on vacation, try to schedule your boudoir session for before you leave.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #4: Hydrate

Water, water, water! You will want to drink a bunch of water before your session. This will help your skin look amazing as well as help with bloating. Not to mention… we do some tricky poses and being well hydrated will help with any soreness after your session.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #5: Outfits

Wear outfits that will flatter your figure!  Need help in tis area? Not to worry… We’ll send out an extensive email with wardrobe tips.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #6: What to Bring


Bring more (not less) to your shoot! Our ladies usually bring a huge suitcase stuffed full with lingerie sets, shoes, (body) jewellery, accessories and extra outfits to their shoot. Better bring too much then too little, as it gives us plenty of variety to choose from. Start packing your things a week in advance, so you don’t forget anything. Because too often during a session my client will say that they forgot this amazing piece or that gorgeous body chain.


Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #7: Eat


Eat breakfast before your photoshoot! Don’t starve yourself before your session. You will have a long day with us and no one wants to be hangry when you’re are supposed to be having an amazing time. After your shoot you’ll go for lunch while we prepare your presentation.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #8: Stretch

Stretch! I suggest you do some light stretching before your session. Like I said before… some of these poses can be tricky and I want you to be warmed up and ready for your big day! Don’t worry… I won’t ever try to get you to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with or could physically hurt you! 

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #9: Clean Face

Arrive with a clean face and dry hair! My makeup artist will take care of the rest! Give your face a good wash and only apply a light moisturiser if needed. Do not put any products into your hair. Our makeup and hair artist has absolutely everything to transform you in to whatever look you want!

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tip #10: Experiments

Don’t try any new hairstyles or facial treatments in the two weeks leading up to your session. We don’t want you having a hair colour disaster or skin reaction to a facial right before your session. Right before your boudoir session is not the time to experiment.


These were just a few quick tips to ease your mind. This really was just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t worry about anything, you’ll be fully guided before your session through emails, and once you walk into our door, you’ll be fully guided too until you go home again 🙂


Questions? Want to set up a session? Reach out to me here and let’s get you set up!

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