We understand that embarking on this confidence-boosting experience can be intimidating. Our promise to you is that long after the shoot is done, you will treasure your stunning portraits for years to come.

To ensure you can have your dream session and get the products you love the most, we offer flexible pre payment options. ​When you pre-purchase your collection, it allows us to create images during your session with specific products in mind and ensures the greatest satisfaction.
It also enables you to unlock BONUS ITEMS FOR FREE!

It’s important to note that whether you pre pay a collection or a certain amount, your credit is yours to spend on what ever you fall in love with during your presentation, your credit will be applied accordingly. You are not locked into any specific choice, and we will adjust your credit to align with your preferences.

We want to make this process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible, if you have questions about any of our beautiful bonus products or other questions, we are more than happy to go over them with you!

1. Prepay

  • Bonus products

  • Priority turnaround

You’ll pay the session fee & then you’ll have X number of months to pay off your collection or amount towards any products.

You will receive bonus products of your choice. And if you happen to change your mind during your ordering appointment because you love all your portraits, you can always upgrade your collection.

See more info about our great bonus products below!

When you prepay your collection in full before your session, you’ll get priority turnaround within every part of the process. 

2. Pay in Full at Ordering Appointment

  • No bonus products

  • Standard turnaround

This option gives you the ability to get your products about 6-8 weeks after your ordering appointment by paying in full at the end of your reveal and ordering appointment using cash, bank transfer, or credit card.

Bonus products are not available with this option.


Once you’ve made your decision, please send me an email with your choice and how you will be pre paying this.
All at once or over time.


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Account No. 52 566 4950

Check out our Product Menu and Collections here to receive beautiful FREE bonus products


The Flirt – 1 bonus product

The Rockstar – 2 bonus products

The Lover – 3 bonus products

The Goddess – 4 bonus products

The Empress – 5 bonus products


  • Custom Slideshow with all purchased images ($350)
  • Matted 8×10″ Fine-art Print ($400)
  • Professional Headshot ($400)
  • Crystal Art Block 5×7″ ($600)
  • Brass Calendar  ($550)
  • Clear Calendar  ($500)
  • Wall Calendar – ($450)
  • Gift Certificate for full session inc hair and make-up ($550)
  • Photo Duo Folio with 2 Images ($550)
  • Album Cover Upgrade ($350)
  • In person pre-session fitting appointment ($500)
  • Extra hair and make-up look ($150)
  • Extensive editing like removing tan lines and body sculpting ($500)
  • Hand Torn Print 8×10″ ($450)
  • Personalised raised foil text on album and box ($250)
Photo Duo

Photo Duo Folio ($550)

Hand Torn Print 8×10″ ($450)

matte art prints


Brass Calendar ($550)
Clear Calendar ($500)
Wall Calendar ($450)



What are your payment options regarding the purchasing of my portraits?

  • Every client is offered a Pre-Session Payment plan that can start as early as the day you book your session and has to be paid in full before your portrait experience.
  • Clients can select bonus products if they pre-purchase a collection or a set dollar amount. Should you decline to set up a pre-payment plan or pre-purchase a collection, you will not be able to take advantage of the bonuses.

What is a Pre-Session Payment Plan?

  • For clients who wish to discuss setting up a payment plan, we offer a payment plan phone call. Basically, how it works, is we either select a collection or work with your budget and create a payment plan for a monetary amount. If there were 12 weeks before your session, for instance, you could choose to have your payment plan be automatically drafted weekly, fortnightly, or monthly for a set amount so that when your session date arrives, your order is paid in full. Pre-Session Payment Plans are not refundable if you cancel your session (if you need to reschedule your session your credit goes to your new date) or if you choose to spend less than the amount you financed.
  • You can do weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.
  • If you upgrade your package at the ordering appointment, no additional bonuses will be applied, so please keep that in mind when choosing your package for the pre-session payment plan or purchase!
  • You may upgrade to a higher collection at your ordering appointment, when you downgrade there is no restitution.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions! We know this is a lot of information, and we are here to walk you through it.