Boudoir Photography

Ms B’s Boudoir Experience

In my work with women, I encounter all kinds of reasons why they want to experience a boudoir photoshoot. Sometimes it’s a milestone, a celebration. Other times, it’s a gift to their partner. Or both, like with Ms B’s case. Sometimes it’s for self discovery and empowerment. And sometimes, it simply just because.

We all come to a point in our lives when we stop living to fit in with others and we allow ourselves to bloom beyond the the growth journey we have covered thus far. Today, I really wanted to share with you Ms B’s testimony because it demonstrated just that. It inspires to shed all the excuses and blocks and to have the courage to come and face the best version of yourself. For yourself. For your growth. Because when a woman is happy, grounded, fulfilled, at peace, everything and everyone around her blooms. I introduce to you the fabulous Ms B.

On Friday I popped my virgin boudoir cherry 🤪😏🍒 and did my very first photoshoot with Jude. And what I now know with certainty, one of many more to follow. It was self care and pure PLEASURE on every level!

Boudoir Photography

So why now?

I wanted to get boudoir portraits done as a 50th birthday present to myself. It took me 2 years to find the right person to feel comfortable with to do this. I needed to click with my photographer, someone I could trust, someone who would help and guide me and make me feel at ease. I am normally not a person who prances around in my underwear so these things were all very important to me. 

I came across Jude’s book “Together Apart “ and I reached out to her. From the moment I spoke to her I felt comfortable and at ease.

I wasn’t a sexy person- I knew next to nothing about what looked sexy on myself and how to dress. I remember I told my friend what I was doing and she was pretty shocked that I signed myself up for that. Doubt and anxiety crept in even more. If I can build my friends up and be their cheerleader, why couldn’t I do the same for myself? It’s WAY too easy to focus on the negatives when it comes to our bodies and beauty in today’s world.

I know I am never going to look perfect and there will always be things I don’t like about myself, but I decided to try and make an effort to loving myself more and start saying kind things to myself.

Boudoir Photography


I prepared for my boudoir shoot as much as I could. Jude sent over a TON of emails before my session so that really helped me prepare. Even though I was nervous, I got excited about treating myself to some things. Nails? check! Brazilian wax? -Ouch!!! I mean check.   Shopping at Victoria’s Secret – check! The sales women were very supportive of me when I told them why I needed new lingerie so that was very helpful to get me excited as well.

Then the day arrived- Boudoir Shoot Day. I shuffled into the studio wearing a loose t-shirt and leggings like Jude told me to and was greeted by Jude and her makeup artist.

I was so worried I’d look awkward! I was very nervous but we all started chatting and I felt a bit relieved. The lovely Mimma asked me what kind of makeup look we are going for… Jude looked through my outfits and we came up with a plan.

Boudoir Photography

I am not much of a make-up wearer so I wasn’t sure where to start, but Mimma knew exactly what would great on me. As she started applying the makeup and doing my hair, we started chatting about life and I started to calm down a bit. I did opt to have a glass of bubbly while she did my makeup so that helped too. ha ha.

When my makeup was complete Mimma asked me to look in the mirror and I could NOT believe what I saw. I looked hot! I kind of couldn’t believe it was me. I loved how I looked and didn’t focus on my imperfections like I tend to do. Why was I so obsessed with focusing on the negative all the time?

The entire experience was such an incredible journey of self-love and embracing the woman I am today at 52. This was not about taking pictures for anyone else BUT myself. I wanted to celebrate my life, my journey and the person I am now.

Boudoir Photography

The whole aging thing has been consuming me for many years when I was in my 30’s and 40’s. To be honest it already started when I was 23! But now at 52 I am embracing it. I feel privileged to be 52 and am proud where I am in life. I wish more women would feel this way rather than hating to get older.    

Before the photoshoot Jude asked questions about how I felt about my body and which part of my body I like the most. I also shared with her my insecurities about my body. I often felt uncomfortable showing my legs. During the shoot I felt glammed up, beautiful, empowered, confident, strong and kept thinking “damn that’s me …  I look hot!” After having this session with Jude, my legs have become my best feature of my body!

I could have never imagined what the final product what look like!

When the shoot was over and I went out to lunch I was a bit nervous to see my images. I knew I felt sexy and confident but I wasn’t sure if it would look right in camera.

Boudoir Photography

When Jude showed me my images I was truly shocked! My mouth literally dropped when I saw the first image. I kept saying” Is that me?” and she kept saying “Yes gorgeous, that is YOU!”

I really loved every image. This session was such a confidence booster. For the first time I didn’t feel heavily weighed down by my own negative self talk. Maybe it took Jude’s perspective for me to see myself in that light. I still cannot believe that hot sexy woman in those photos is me.

I get a little emotional writing this but I had never felt so good about myself. I love the photos in my album and it is so nice to see what my husband sees.

Boudoir Photography

I knew that if I loved these photos this much, my husband would definitely love them way more! I chose to do a large album with 50 of my favourite images. Jude showed me a ton of photos and I decided to keep almost all of  them. I just couldn’t say no to them because this was the first time I was proud of myself and how I looked! I think I’ll look at my album just as much as my husband does ha ha.

I feel so empowered ever since I did my boudoir shoot. I cannot wait to go back and do it again! 

 This is how amazing and transformative a boudoir experience can be with Jude. I see beauty in my body that I couldn’t see in myself before. I can’t express how this experience has helped with with my self confidence with every part of my body.

Boudoir Photography

Thank you Jude for helping me embrace the next stage of my life and helping me feel more beautiful than ever before both inside and out. Finally, I feel like the women I am meant to be.

I have a beautiful album to remind me it’s never too late to do something new. I will forever be grateful for these images. I love Jude and her team!

So, what did you think? Did a little voice inside you whisper “perhaps its time for you to make friends with your best self”.
For me, my personal and professional journey represents empowerment of self love.

As my client noted, women should be celebrating where they are at in life and their personal journey. Celebrating their lives and their bodies. Imagine a world where women are confident about their looks and body, proud at who they are and feel privileged to have lived another year.

Women all over the world need to be empowered. Let’s start with ourselves first! I invite you to start a conversation with me. Let’s explore how boudoir can transform and celebrate YOU!

XO – Jude

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