How to use brand photography to increase sales

How to use brand photography to increase sales

If you spend much time online, you’ve probably noticed that you’re constantly bombarded with information. Images, videos, promotions: It’s hard to know what to consume all the content that’s out there!

Because there is so much imagery online, especially on social media, high-quality brand photography can make a huge difference in helping your business stand out from the crowd. The visuals you use for your brand tell a story and let your audience know what to expect from working with you. With the right photos, you can build a relationship with potential clients before they ever book your services.

When you invest in professional branding photography, you’re investing in your business and in your future. High-quality images can even help you boost sales by providing more opportunities to get your brand in front of the right audience.


Show off what you do

No matter what your business offers, you likely have some tools you use to get the job done. This is true even if you offer an intangible service! Think about what items you use in a day on the job and incorporate those into your branding photography session. People are more likely to buy or work with someone they know and trust, and a great way to establish trust is to be authentic and show potential customers exactly what you do. It may sound simple, but this can go a long way toward helping you engage with visitors to your website and social media pages.


Let the world know who you are through your personal branding portraits

As the owner of your business, you are a part of your brand. Letting potential customers get to know you can help them feel that you’re trustworthy and someone they want to work with. You don’t have to tell your life story, but use your personal branding photos to show off some of your personal interests. For example, you can wear a graphic tee featuring your favorite sports team or movie or sip coffee from a mug featuring your college mascot. Think about the things that are most important to you, the values that you’ve made a part of your business, and show those ideas off in your branding imagery.


Don’t hide your face

Not only do your potential customers want to know you—they also want to see you. While it’s great to show your team members and products, be sure to include yourself in some photos, whether you’re chatting with a client or working hard. Show off a little of your personality in your branding photography session and give anyone who sees your photos the chance to know a little bit about the real you.


Use your branding photos everywhere

Once you’ve taken professional branding images, you should use them as much as possible. Update your website with your images and make social media posts with them. High-quality, authentic imagery can help improve your conversion rate and even lead to more engagement with your social posts. Have more images that you know what to do with? Rotate out the images on your website occasionally to keep things fresh!


Plan for future projects

When you’re planning out what photos you want for your branding photography session, think about what goals you have for the future. Do you want to start a podcast? Are you planning on offering educational courses? Consider the things you would like to do in the future and take photos that can be used for these goals and projects. The more images you have, the better off you’ll be!

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