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What’s your COVID story?


Since self-isolation began in March 2020, I’ve been capturing people’s unique experiences and personal stories in words and photographs, which are now compiled in an historical coffee table-book ready to pre-order at

Share your own unique experience & PHOTO

During the second lockdown, we’d love to hear your story. While I photographed our storytellers the first time round, this time, we’re asking you to share your own photo with your story.

If you would love to share your unique experience, please answer the questions below and add your favourite self-isolation photo. Selected stories will be shared in our private group and possibly on other online platforms too. So make sure you, your family and friends all join to read your story!

→ Email your photo (use the SAME email address and name as in the form) to:


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It’s a beautiful place where we focus on positivity and empowerment and to meet like-minded people.

All the new COVID stories will be posted here, so make sure you, your family and friends join!

Together Apart: Life in Self-Isolation



Together Apart is a coffee table book about life in self-isolation (LiSI) in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Since self-isolation began in March 2020, I’ve been capturing people’s stories in words and photographs. Their stories tell about how they feel being in self-isolation, the struggles they experience, what they do differently now, and whether anything positive has come out of this extraordinary situation in which the world finds itself.

The book shares our experiences of solitude and loss, counterbalanced by the joys of self-discovery and much-needed family time, as well as the rainbows, ancient trees and fairy gardens re-discovered as the world slows.

Together Apart tells the stories of 60 individuals, families and businesses. Each double-page spread features one black-and-white photo and the accompanying story.