6 Brand identity tips for your small business

6 Brand identity tips for your small business

Professional branding photography can take your business to the next level by providing you with a library of images to use on your website and social media. But what kind of images do you want from your branding photoshoot to enhance your brand identity?

Branding photography often includes products and services, as well as your workspace, and these are all great images to have on hand. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to think a little outside the box and have some additional photos that show other sides to your business.


Show off values and mission through your brand identity

As a business, you offer products and services, but your brand is so much more than that. Your brand identity is also more than your logo or the fonts you use on your website. Branding is about how you present your business to the world—the beliefs, mission and values that were the reason you started your company and dictate how you make decisions.

But how do you show an intangible concept like your values in branding photos? That’s where a professional photographer comes in. Whether it’s capturing images of you and your staff working with clients or even photos of how you interact with your community, talk to your branding photographer about the importance of demonstrating your brand’s values in your images.


Tell the stories of previous clients through professional photos

Client testimonials add legitimacy to your brand identity and give potential future clients more confidence in what you have to offer. If you can add images to those client testimonials, even better! Talk to past clients who greatly benefited from your products or services and capture photos of them in their own work or home environment.

A few of these photos add authenticity to your testimonials and let visitors to your website or social media pages see just how happy your previous clients are to have worked with you.


Capture your staff in action with brand photography

Instead of using traditional headshots to showcase the members of your team, capture photos of each person during their workday. A variety of action photos can break up the monotony of staff listings and let your team members show off their unique personalities.

If you work in an office, “action photos” may feel out of reach, but there are a variety of ways to show action! From presentations to team meetings to assisting other staff members, you can capture images of your team in their natural environment, working hard to meet the needs of your clients!


Differentiate yourself from the competition

What makes your brand identity different from every other brand? How are your products or services special? Why do clients choose to work with you over someone else?

Use your professional branding photography as an opportunity to visually capture what makes your business stand out, whether that’s the materials you use, the way you work or how you organize your space. Whatever makes your brand different from the rest, that’s what you want to showcase in your branding photography.


Let potential clients see your space

Whether you run your business from an office or a storefront—or even your own home—giving potential clients a peek into your workspace is a great way to encourage trust. How you organize and design your space says a lot about how you define your brand identity, and giving clients a sneak peek behind the scenes lets them in on the story of your brand.


Demonstrate your work in the field

Most brands aren’t always confined to an office space or storefront. If you can, capture branding images of your team working outside the office, whether that’s in customers’ businesses or homes. These lifestyle photos can provide an inside look into what your brand actually does out in the world and how you make your clients’ lives better. Remember, a little authenticity goes a long way in connecting with potential clients!

With professional branding photography, you can boost your small business and your brand identity this year and beyond!


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